I have never laughed so hard in my life until I have read the tweets and the blog written by Murt of Murtwitnessone.com. This guy is a nutcase that needs to be locked up in a mental institution! I have watched him for almost 5 years stalking and harassing numerous people. If you read what he posts online, he tells  people they are stalking and harassing him. This guy makes no sense at all, in his posts.
His most recent posts have been about where Prinnie is. Every day this guy comes up with a new place. Prinnie must have some Magical Powers because, she has been hidding everywhere including some tropical island to today’s revelation:
Prinnie actually has been hiding in a Federal Jail.
If this revelation by Murt is true, I have to say, Prinnie has it made in this prison. How many people get thrown in jail and are able to have a computer to post tweets on twitter? I am sure that Prinnie and the Feds are having quite a few laughs at Murts posts, expecially about his theories on how to hack a computer, the lessons in comprehension that he gave Holly Briley, and his theories of how Prinnie is able to escape being served a subpoena  by  hiding in a Federal Prison.
From what I have been reading, not only are the FEDS involved in this case, now according to Murt, Nasa has launched a new Satellite that was developed to specifically track the location of Prinnie. The way the satellite works is every time Prinnie farts, the fumes set off the tracking device in the satellite, It then sends a warning to Murtwitnessone’s computer before it omits the odor into the air. NASA claims they have not tested the device and there may be some disadvantages, such as the satellite tracking device causing BRAIN DAMAGE if the person breathes in too much of the stench.

STAY TUNED!  I am sure there will be more.


Why I am doing this

I recently decided to open this blog because I am outraged at what is happening in Steubenville, Ohio to people who have shown their support and outrage about the rape of a teen girl. This girl was raped by several members of the local High School Football team.  It was only after a person named “Prinnie” started to blog about the incident on her blog called Prinnified,  did people in this community have a place to voice how they felt.  Most were outraged that these boys could do this and that they were not charged with a crime.  It was after these people complained, that charges were finally filed.  Parents of the boys were more upset about the fact that their boys could not play football this fall, instead of being upset at what their boys raped a young girl.

Recently, a lawyer filed a lawsuit against the blog owner Prinnie and 25 other unnamed people for voicing their feelings and opinions about this rape.  This lawsuit is clearly a violation of our 1st Ammendment rights to free speech.  The lawyer is demanding the real names of the 25 individuals charged that were using screen names to post comments on the blog Prinnified.

For those of you not familiar with the case I have listed the links to where you can read more about what is happening.

Prinnified – http://prinniefied.com/wp/

Behind the Yellow Tape – http://behindtheyellowtape.me/tag/big-red-rape-case/

News Reports about the Case


News Report about the Lawsuit against Prinnie and her blog


Hello world!

Welcome to Speak up for Victims of Rape.  I am a rape survivor who is outraged by the recent rape of a young teen girl who lives in Steubenville, Ohio, and attempts by certain members of the community that are trying to quiet anyone that comments on the case.  Please help me by showing your support for rape victims all over the world and those that try to get justice for the victim.

Happy blogging!